Why is a non-Black Disney employee dressed as a Black Disney character?

Credit: Disney

These organizations seem to be getting more and more creative when it comes to “black face”. Is it that hard to find actual Black talent to portray Black characters? I can’t fathom a company as large as Disney would find this challenging.

A recent article from Travel Noire reports about the renaming of Disney World’s infamous “Splash Mountain” ride. According to the report, a Change.org petition garnered over 21k signatures calling for the ride to be renamed due to its origins being deeply rooted in racism.

Disney attempted to eliminate the problem by renaming and rebranding the ride by making it Princess and the Frog themed, however, they neglected one important detail: Hiring an actual Black actress to portray Tiana. They didn’t even hide it either. Ole girl has on brown toned arm sleeves y’all. And I can almost guarantee that foundation ain’t her true shade…but, yeah.

Credit: Getty Images

If you’re unfamiliar, “Princess Tiana” was Disney’s first Black princess and was received positively by most Disney fans. So, in the year of 20 and 21, it befuddles me why Disney cant seem to get it right when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Now, while this particular image is from Disneyland Paris, the question still stands: Why would Disney employ a non-Black actress to portray Tiana, a Black Disney princess? Are there not any Black actresses in Paris? Anywhere? Are Black talent not worthy of portraying Black characters? You would think a company like Disney would know better… but maybe they do… and they just don’t care.

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