The Team

Joey Percy Newton, Senior Staff Writer

Joey Percy Newton, Senior Staff Writer, Black Is The Standard

Joey Percy Newton is a journalist, ghostwriter, and social media commentator. His unique style of social commentary has garnered him a growing following of readers who have come to anticipate his unique and often humorous take on the most trending topics. Joey’s commitment to centering Blackness in all of his ventures and his vision for producing raw, unfiltered content for the Black community, led Joey to co-found Black Is The Standard and he is also a Senior Staff Writer. With growing influence on Facebook, Joey’s page is a space where you can find his most introspective content in its most authentic and uncensored form. Joey is based out of the Atlanta area.

Tiara Janté, Editor In Chief

Tiara Janté is a Co-founder and Editor in Chief at Black Is The Standard. Over the past year, her investigative and opinionated pieces have been well received by the BITS audience. A wordsmith for the culture, when Tiara is not writing or managing content, she’s spending time with her loved ones. Tiara is based out of the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. You can learn more about her work at www.tiarajante.net.

Shadress Denise, Contributing Writer

Shadress Denise is an author, graphic designer, ghostwriter, and journalist. Her passion for writing began at an early age when she fell in love with good books and interesting story plots. She put pen to paper during her early college years, writing poetry and short stories. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, and a Master’s in Communication, Shadress has written 19 books, publishing 12 books that include both fiction novels and poetry books. Born in St. Louis, MO, Shadress uses her vivid imagination and candid experiences to bring her stories to life. Currently residing in Houston, Texas she continues to build her brand through graphic design and writing. Shadress is a contributing writer at Black Is The Standard. You can learn more about her at shadressdenise.com

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