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Joey Percy Newton, Co-Founder, CEO & Senior Staff Writer

Joey Percy Newton, Senior Staff Writer, Black Is The Standard

Joey Percy Newton wears multiple hats as a Co-Founder, and Senior Staff Writer at BITS. Known for his distinct style of social commentary, Joey has garnered a devoted following of readers who eagerly anticipate his unique and often humorous take on the latest trending topics. However, Joey’s impact goes beyond entertainment; he is deeply committed to centering Blackness in all his endeavors.

Motivated by a vision to create unfiltered content that speaks directly to the Black community, Joey co-founded Black Is The Standard. This platform serves as a powerful vehicle for producing raw and authentic narratives that empower and uplift. With a rapidly growing influence on social media, Joey’s Facebook page has become a virtual sanctuary where his most introspective thoughts take shape. And if you happen to visit, don’t be surprised to catch glimpses of his cherished plant children, adding a touch of warmth and authenticity to the digital space.

Based in Atlanta, Joey thrives in an environment that fuels his creativity and amplifies his voice. To delve deeper into Joey’s world, be sure to visit his website at: and support his brand at:

Tiara Janté, Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer & Editor in Chief

Tiara Janté is a formidable force in the media industry, holding the titles of Co-founder, COO, and Editor in Chief at Black Is The Standard. In her role as COO, Tiara leads theorganization’s operational and business development initiatives, driving its growth and success. But Tiara’s talents extend far beyond the boardroom.

As a seasoned journalist, Tiara is revered for her contributions of investigative and opinionated pieces that strike a chord with the BITS audience. Her wordsmith prowess resonates deeply within the culture she represents. When she’s not busy crafting compelling narratives or immersed in her responsibilities behind the scenes at BITS, Tiara dedicates her time to managing her thriving public relations firm and writing sci-fi. Beyond her professional pursuits, Tiara cherishes moments spent with her loved ones.

Based in the vibrant Atlanta Metro area, Tiara Janté thrives amidst a bustling creative landscape. To delve further into her remarkable body of work, visit her websites at and

Josiah P., Contributing Writer

Josiah P. Josiah P. is an emerging writer and content creator and one of BITS’ newest Gen Z Voices.

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