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Tiara Janté is co-founder, Staff Writer and Managing Editor at Black Is The Standard. Over the past year, her investigative and opinionated pieces have been well received by the BITS audience. A wordsmith for the culture, when Tiara is not writing or managing content, she’s spending time with her loved ones. Tiara is based out of the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.
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“If I die, I want everyone to know it was Seti Yasin…”:This is why WE need to protect Black Women

[Update] More than a year after Aziza Murphy (@curedbytheblood) made her now-viral tweet about an ex who was stalking her, the young woman has announced via her Twitter profile that Seti Yasin, the man who was stalking her, was sentenced to 18 months in jail. We wish Murphy the best as she continues her healing process.<
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