When you’re loud and ashy: Can we stop giving men like Kevin Samuels a platform?

Men like Kevin Samuels have a platform because we allow him to. But the question is, why are we allowing it?

Men like Kevin Samuels have a platform because we allow him to. But the question is, why are we allowing it?

Ugh. I really didn’t want to write about this at first, but as I observed the video of this disaster of a human being’s misplaced, hate filled vitriol against a Black woman who sought out his “advice” distributed up and down my timelines, I decided I’d rant a little bit. First off, before I get to Kevin’s ashy ass, I need y’all to promise me something. I’ma need y’all to stop giving any “brother” with a suit, tie, and opinion expert status. I’ma need US to stop giving platforms to undeserving individuals who get off on tearing down our culture as opposed to uplifting it.

Like, there’s no reason any man should be going viral for the vicious verbal attack that was let loose on the Black woman in the video, and if at any point you agreed with dude, this is for your ashy ass too.

But back to Kevin.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely seen the video, and I’m hoping you’re here because like me and the rest of the BITS staff, it just didn’t sizzle with your spirit. A man, who claims to be an image consultant, presented himself in the most despicable way I’ve observed in a long time, simply because he could and because he seemingly gets off on berating women–Black women specifically–the ones who he’s decided are average or less than, and unworthy of his respect.

When you're loud and ashy Kevin Samuels
Kevin Samuels

And too many of y’all fell for it, kee kee’d with him, and shared the video with your little friends on social media, like it was all fun and games. But it’s all fun and games until it’s YOUR sister, mother or friend–only then is it problematic.

To be honest, that’s the problem. Men like Kevin have a platform because we live in a society that would rather tear down our own instead of empowering our people. We are so absorbed in this digital culture of keyboard bullying coupled with misogynoir, and going viral at the expense of another’s pain, that we fail to see how we’re self destructing from the inside out. Because at this point, WE are our own enemies.

But, as for Kevin, all that wack d*ck energy he was spewing behind the candlelight is indicative of his own hurt–because as the saying goes, “Hurt people hurt people”, and apparently y’all been letting Kevin do this mess for a while now. To be exact, this man seemingly came up on coinage from selling women advice on what they needed to do to secure high value men (HVM) and by tearing down women he deemed unworthy of HVM for even trying to land one.

But, what exactly is a high value man? According to Kevin, it’s a man who makes a good six figures or more, and on the strength of his net worth alone, is only deserving of young, attractive (by society’s standards) women who don’t mind being a trophy wife, and will cook, clean, raise the kids, and service her man however he desires, regularly…just because he can “afford her”. Thassit. And that seems to be all that’s been necessary for him to gain y’all support, because it’s astonishing how many Black women are seemingly volunteering for his brand of foolery. (One of his IG posts suggest that men determine value…of both men and women.)

But, to be honest, I’m still trying to figure out how this man went from an image consultant for men, to giving dating advice to women under candle light on YouTube. I guess he watched the movie Hitch and ran with the idea…except, he ain’t no Will Smith.

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But as for the video, it was this part for me… “YOU LOOK AVERAGE AT BEST. YOU’RE GONNA DIE ALONE!”

Well Excuse The Fuck Out Of Me GIF - WellExcuseTheFuckOutOfMe - Discover &  Share GIFs

Like, “Hitch” would nevah!

But that’s what happens when low value men (I’m referring to self worth) with a little social media savvy, gets on Beyoncé’s internet, and begins to brand themselves as experts in things they have no business dabbling in. Because, if you’re going to convince me that this man is an expert at anything other than regularly thrusting weak d*ick energy into the palm of his hand, then I’ma need receipts. Because, how dare he say that to that woman, and then, after she was obviously ready to throw in the towel, continue to insult her? Why is this allowed? Like, I just can’t understand how anyone can support that.

The truth of the matter is, beauty, attractiveness, and the overall value one provides to another are all subjective traits. And while people are entitled to their opinions of others, what they’re not entitled to is getting on a public platform to verbally abuse Black women with the Black community’s support.

Nah. I’ma need y’all to drag him like y’all would drag any non-Black person who would do such a thing.

We should not be allowing ashy mofos with name brands suits and huge egos (for no real reason) gain platforms in Black social media, where they’re allowed to break a Black woman down publicly and not be taken to task for it.

And I’m not going to share the video. Y’all feel free to search it on your own if you have yet to see it. But to the woman in the video, Sis, you are so much more than what that ashified negro tried to make you out to be. I encourage you to set goals and manifest what YOU want for YOUR life, because there isn’t a Black woman alive that needs validation from any man as to what she’s worthy of. Black women are the standard. Black girls are the standard. Black is the standard. Period!

Now, can we bring that energy into 2021?

*Rant over*

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