“It’s the outfit tho. You a mom.”

Keke Palmer’s boyfriend tried to shame her for wearing a sexy outfit at an Usher concert and the internet wasn’t having it.

Chiiile… it’s always a nicca named Darius with the bullshit. 😒 In todays’s edition of “Toxic Masculinity Got Ashy Negros In a Chokehold”, we’ve got our beloved Keke Palmer getting checked on social media by none other than her baby daddy, Darius Daulton. Darius recently raised eyebrows for publicly pulling our good Sis’ card for wearing a sexy outfit during an Usher concert, tweeting, “It’s the outfit though. You’re a mom.” For real, Darius?

The gag is, Darius himself ain’t shy about showing off Keke in all her glory on his own platforms. We’ve seen her twerking, topless, and wearing much less than what she had on at the concert. So, what’s really good?

Word on these internet streets is that Darius is feeling a type of way about Keke’s success and her newfound confidence. Since becoming a mom, Keke’s been out here living her best life. She’s glowing, showing off her curves, and we’re here for it! But it seems like Darius isn’t, or at least, he wants to control how she does it.

Toxic masculinity? Definitely. Darius trying to box Keke into this ‘mama’ role is just him trying to exert some control over her. It’s like he’s saying, “You’re a mom now, you can’t be sexy, you can’t draw attention.” But what’s the root? The root of it all is that he’s intimidated by Keke… because let’s be real, that’s the real issue! He’s disguising it as him wanting her to rep his family a certain way in public, meanwhile, Keke ain’t even his wife.

Anyway, time after time it’s been shown, once the internet sleuths get a whiff of some bullshit, they dive head first into the shit storm for more, and now things have taken an even more disappointing turn. Our beloved internet detectives have been digging up Darius’s old tweets and found some disturbing stuff. Turns out, he’s got a history of defending police brutality and may be a rape apologist. Really, D?

During the aftermath of the Alton Sterling murder, he had the nerve to tweet things like, “#AltonSterling could’ve made the situation easier for EVERYBODY if he would follow orders & get his ass on the ground & not resist.” Then he tried to discredit rape allegations made against NFL prospect Gareon Conley back in ’16, likening it to another “Ezekiel Elliot situation.”

At this point, it’s more than just red flags, it’s a whole damn red banner, y’all. But, this ain’t just about Keke and her outfit anymore. It’s about how Darius, and others like him, try to mask their insecurity and toxic masculinity under the guise of ‘family values’ and ‘morals’.

But who is Darius Daulton? Well, aside from being the little brother of “Insecure” actor Sarunas Jackson (maybe Darius should’ve been on “Insecure” too 🥴), and Keke’s boyfriend and baby’s father, Darius’s job is listed as a writer at KeyTV, a media company owned by none other than Keke. We gotta ask ourselves, how much of his behavior stems from feeling emasculated because he’s working for his successful girlfriend? That’s no excuse, but it sure does shed light on his insecurities. Word of advice: Don’t date a baddie if you can’t handle all that it entails.

But, shout out to Keke, though! Her seemingly unbothered response is a masterclass in handling this type of nonsense. She ain’t got time for it. She’s too busy living her best life, setting the bar high for herself and other Black women, showing us that being a mother and a sensual, successful woman ain’t mutually exclusive.

And, at the end of the day, we need to call out this toxic masculinity whenever we see it. We need to celebrate women like Keke, who refuse to be shamed into submission. We gotta talk about it, learn from it, and do better by Black women. It’s time we create a culture that uplifts, not oppresses. A culture where a woman’s success, self-expression, and sexuality are celebrated, not feared.

It’s the year 2023, y’all. Let’s leave this tired, toxic narrative in the past where it belongs. Keke, we see you. Keep shining. We’re right here with you. 🖤

As of publishing, Darius and Keke no longer follow each other on social media.

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