Viola Davis, Marsai Martin, and Anthony Anderson to star in political thriller, 'G20'

Viola Davis to Headline Upcoming Political Thriller ‘G20’ Alongside Marsai Martin and Anthony Anderson

Marsai Martin and Anthony Anderson will join the star-studded cast of the upcoming political thriller ‘G20,’ headlined by Viola Davis.

In the thriller, which unfolds during the high-stakes G20 Summit, Viola Davis portrays the President of the United States, who finds herself in the pivotal role of safeguarding world leaders. Tasked with utilizing her extensive diplomatic and military expertise, she must protect her family, fellow presidents, and the entire globe.

The script for “G20” is the brainchild of Noah and Logan Miller, with Caitlin Parris and Eric Weiss contributing revisions. Viola Davis, who was confirmed for the lead role in 2022, is not only the star but also a producer of the film, alongside her husband and producing partner Julius Tennon through their company, JuVee Productions. They are collaborating with Mad Chance’s Andrew Lazar in this venture.

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