Tasha K’s Bankruptcy: Can BeyHive Buzz Offset Cardi B’s $4M Lawsuit?

Caught in a $4M financial storm from a libel lawsuit loss to Cardi B, Tasha K courts controversy comparing Blue Ivy’s dance moves to an “I-Robot”.

In a recent snippet from “Unwine With Tasha K”, Tasha likens Blue Ivy’s performance during the Renaissance Tour to the movements of her home-cleaning “I-Robot”. She suggests Beyoncé should take Blue Ivy around some kids in Houston’s projects to help her “loosen up”.

Presently, Tasha K is grappling with financial hardship after declaring bankruptcy following a libel lawsuit loss to Cardi B, leading to a court order to pay over $4 million.

Although her bankruptcy filing has provided a temporary reprieve from all debt recovery attempts, including from Cardi, it is probable that Tasha will still have to settle the bill.

One can’t help but ponder if she believes that the attention from Beyoncé’s ardent fanbase, the BeyHive, will boost her views enough to help her gather the funds required to meet Cardi’s hefty settlement. 🤔

Watch the clip below.

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