Tasha K Issues Apology to Cardi B After Losing Appeal In $4.1Million Dollar Libel Suit

Tasha K has lost her appeal to Cardi B in libel lawsiot. The Vlogger will have to pay nearly $4 million dollars to the rapper.

In January 2022, Vlogger Tasha K lost a defamation lawsuit brought against her by Rapper, Cardi B. As a result of the loss, Tasha K was ordered to pay Cardi over $4 million dollars. However, instead of running Cardi her funds, Tasha proceeded to post messages to seemingly taunt Cardi B, resulting in many believing that the Vlogger would go on the run to avoid paying the rapper. Tasha K also indicated last year that she would be filing an appeal, stating that she didn’t have to funds to pay the rapper.

Shortly after, Cardi B. tweeted “Think is a game but trust imma come for everything …..BBHMM” – in a reference to Rihanna‘s 2015 hit, ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’.

Well, Tasha K did file an appeal, and she lost! Today, after admitting defeat, Tasha claimed she has thrown in the “white flag” and issued a public apology to Cardi B via her Twitter account.

In the statement, the Vlogger tweets:

Damn Winos!

We lost the appeal… against #CardiB sad day.. but I’m gonna be alright… I appreciate all your love & support. Throughout this fight. Today we throw in the white flag… what happened will never happen again… To Cardi & Her team, I apologize sincere. We Live, & Learn….”

As the order currently stands, Tasha K is required to pay Cardi $3.8 million as a part of the settlement reached in the libel case.

Back in 2018, Tasha K went viral and gained increased popularity after publicly claiming on her YouTube channel that Cardi B was a prostitute, has herpes and HPV, cheated on her husband, performed a sexual act with a beer bottle, and took illicit drugs. Cardi B denied the allegations and sent several cease and desist letters to the vlogger that Tasha K admits she ignored, claiming a lawyer she knew suggested the documents were fake and she should “wipe her ass” with them.

During the trial, Cardi B’s legal team produced authenticated medical documents proving that she doesn’t have herpes or HPV. Additionally, YouTube videos were played to the jury show Tasha K consistently contradicting herself. In one video, Tasha K stated “everything we did on Ms. Cardi, [is] motherfucking true.” But in another video, she said “I knew that shit was fake, and guess what, because I knew it was motherfucking fake I still made that shit go viral.”

The vlogger then says in the video, “I still made it go viral, you dumb hoe, and it does nothing to my credibility at all.This is called business. This is called ratings. You want to shut me up? Pay me, bitch.”

Per Cardi’s last legal filing, Cardi’s legal team suggested that Taska K had no chance of winning the appeal.“The totality of evidence was more than sufficient for the jury to find that [Tasha K.’s] conduct was not merely vulgar, tasteless, rude, or insulting.”

We really do hope Tasha K has learned her lesson. Lying on someone’s name is NOT a game, and ti’s definitely not worth losing $4 milly!

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