Fu*K Chad Wheeler

Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Chad Wheeler is “no longer with the team” after he was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of felony domestic violence. 

He was charged Wednesday with first degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Feb. 9. King County prosecutors also asked a judge to require Wheeler be placed on electronic home detention.

The team released a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying: “The Seahawks are saddened by the details emerging against Chad Wheeler and strongly condemn this act of domestic violence. Our thoughts and support are with the victim. Chad is a free agent and no longer with the team.”

According to a Kent (Washington) Police Department report, a woman called 911 following a “physical fight” with her boyfriend and said that she was being “killed.” The report noted that the accuser was bleeding and suffered a dislocated arm when police arrived before being taken to the local hospital to treat injuries. 

Prosecutors said in a filing that Wheeler allegedly attacked and strangled the victim in her bedroom on January 22. He allegedly beat her into unconsciousness twice and left her both times for dead.

Offensive lineman Chad Wheeler is no longer with the team, the Seattle Seahawks said.
Photo: Mark Rebelis, USA Today

According to the report obtained by The Times, Wheeler initially was uncooperative before being detained. He had picked the lock of the bathroom door where the accuser was hiding and was standing beside her when police arrived at the scene.

In the police report, the accuser claimed Wheeler strangled her before she lost consciousness after she did not bow to him like Wheeler requested. The accuser claimed Wheeler told her upon regaining consciousness, “Wow, you’re alive?”

Wheeler apologized for the incident.

“It is time for me to walk away from football and get the help I need to never again pose a threat to another,” he tweeted. “I cannot express my sorrow or remorse enough. I am truly ashamed.

Wheeler, a backup offensive lineman, played in five games for Seattle in 2020. The 6-7, 310-pound lineman played college foot……………… You know what…Fuck that dude. Seriously.. MF beat a beautiful black woman nearly to death for not bowing down to him… Are we supposed to just accept his bitch ass apology?

This story is barely getting any news coverage. Its certainly not getting the coverage that it would if he was Black.. But that is a story within itself…

We wish this sistah a full and speedy recovery. Her physical wounds will heal a lot faster than the mental trauma I’m sure she’s dealing with.

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