Destination Crenshaw is a newly erected monument in LA celebrating Black culture

Destination Crenshaw stretches 1.3 miles between 48th and 60th street, along the predominantly Black Crenshaw Blvd. in South LA.
destination crenshaw
Credit: Perkins and Will

In March of this year, construction began for Destination Crenshaw, a new cultural monument and open air museum that will span 1.3 miles along Crenshaw Boulevard in South Los Angeles. The open air museum will feature a park, 100 original pieces of artwork from Local Black artists, including 3-D art installations, sculptures, and murals on the exterior of participating businesses and commercial structures.

The goal of the design (which is inspired by African star grass) is to highlight the vibrant Black cultural history of the community. A time capsule of sorts, the monument is an example of “…not only our past and our history, but what our futures can be,” says Jason Foster, President and CEO of the Destination Crenshaw project.

To learn more, visit: www.destinationcrenshaw.la

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