Yeezy sues former intern for allegedly breaching NDA by sharing confidential photos on Instagram

2021 picked up right where 2020 left off. Seems like everywhere you look on social media these days you see mention of the LLC. (Facepalm emoji).

Speaking of LLCs, Kanye West’s Yeezy LLC has sued a former intern, Ryan Inwards, for allegedly breaching a non-disclosure agreement.

The complaint filed Friday in Los Angeles county alleged that Inwards posted confidential photographs pertaining to Yeezy on his Instagram account, thus breaking a NDA he previously signed.

The NDA reportedly prohibited sharing confidential information on social media. The complaint also alleges that Inwards kept the pics on his Instagram account and ignored multiple cease and desist letters to remove them.

But guess what tho —- Saturday, Inward’s Instagram account had ZERO posts.

The company says that the non disclosure agreement contained a $500,000 liquidated damages provision —- which means Inward gotta fork over five hundred racks.

Yeezy and Kanye West are seeking that half a million dollar payday plus additional money for punitive damages because the company believes Inwards has acted “maliciously.”

Yeezy is also seeking an injunction mandating Inwards hand over the photos and be barred from sharing possible other photos.

Its been a rough couple of month for Kanye, but this will be chalked up as a win.

BITS will bring you more of this story as it develops.. Eh.. IF… it develops.

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