Truce? Rappers Meek Mill and Wale link up after history of beef

Has Meek Mill and Wale called a truce on their history of beef? A recent Instagram post seems to suggest they did.
Meek MIll & Wale call a truce
Meek Mill & Wale |

Is the Meek Mill and Wale beef finally over?

If you’re a hip hop fan, then, you know rappers Meek Mill and Wale share a not so friendly history. Well, apparently it’s all behind them now, because the two have linked up in person and appear to be on better terms.

Both rappers are Maybach Muisc Group labelmates, however, that hasn’t stopped them from publicly dragging each other in the past on social media. But, Meek Mill recently posted a photo of himself with Wale on social media, both wearing masks, accompanied by a caption addressing their complicated history. The caption reads “Me, and @wale argued a thousand times & made millions together. #MMGVIBES

The beef between the two rappers began in 2014, when Meek publicly accused Wale of hating on him because Wale didn’t make a post in support of Meek’s album. The beef was later renewed in 2015 when Meek Mill took an issue with Wale’s support of Drake in the infamous Meek Vs. Drake beef.

Rick Ross would later make a statement about how he hoped that the two rappers would one day squash their beef and embrace each other.

“You know, those brothers forever. That’s my family. As you can see it’s already done came and went. It’s all about making dope music. And like I said, I feel like me being in a position I am. Me being a boss. Me being as experienced as I am, I feel like them going through that, or whatever you call it, in 10 years when they’re executives they’re gonna be able to give that same game to youngstas. Like ‘Yo, I did that before, but this how we do it.’ I look at things different.”

Well, it looks like Ross knew what he was talking about.

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