Stevie Wonder says ‘Life is out of tune’ after no significant indictments in Breonna Taylor case

Wonder calls for social change in light of the Breonna Taylor case…

“You can feel there’s a beat and there’s drumming, and it’s off. Even if you’re not a musician, you can hear when the music is not right,” he said. “Can you tell that life is out of tune? Do you feel our reality is offbeat”-Stevie Wonder

In a video he recorded titled, ‘The Universe is Watching Us– Stevie Wonder in His Feelings’ Wonder issued an impassioned plea for social change after there were no significant indictments rendered by a grand jury Wednesday to any of the officers involved in the no-knock raid and subsequent killing of Breonna Taylor.

After opening the video with a short rendition of his 1976 song “Love’s In Need of Love Today” , Wonder says, “Even in a pandemic, life has its own rhythm, measured more than in seconds, minutes and hours.” “Our time here will be measured by how we carefully consider or deliberate our reality,” he continues.

Wonder also expressed his belief that much of the violence incited within Black communities during this new wave of the Black Lives Matter movement is largely the work of outsiders. “You’d better believe people have come to our communities, co-opted our cause (and) incited violence,” he stated. “The community knows it, even if you don’t and won’t report it.”

No stranger to expressing his opinion, Wonder recorded a similar video in June in the midst of national protests after the killing of George Floyd.

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