Pastor Mase finds a new church home in Atlanta

Mason Betha, 43, has officially been named the new pastor of Gathering Oasis Church in Atlanta, after famously departing from the music industry to become an ordained minister in 1999. He dropped new music sparingly in the years since; his last official single was his track “Nothing” which he dropped back in 2014.

Atlanta’s Gathering Oasis Church seems to be happy to welcome Mase onboard, after a peaceful transition of leadership from their former pastor, Cornelius Lindsey.

“What more can we say, but ‘THANK YOU! For everything you’ve done for us,” they wrote to Lindsey on the chapel’s official Facebook page.

Mase was excited to share the news of his new position. He wrote on Instagram Thursday, “THANK YOU. Also, tag someone who is expecting something great from God and let them know that God has already started answering prayers in 2021. Tag someone looking a new church family and remember, ‘ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOMED’ at @thegochurch.”

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