New Findings May Indicate Jonathan Majors’ Innocence in Assault Case

New evidence suggests Jonathan Majors may be innocent in assault case.

New information secured by Insider might strengthen the position of actor Jonathan Majors, who faces assault charges. Majors has filed a charge of domestic violence against his accuser, Grace Jabbari. The NYPD complaint obtained by Insider reveals Majors’ assertion that a “drunk and hysterical” Jabbari was the instigator on the night of the dispute.

Following a preliminary investigation, police deemed there was sufficient cause to arrest Jabbari. However, the case was temporarily suspended by the prosecutors, according to Insider. Majors, currently accused in the ongoing conflict with Jabbari, provided the police with his own narrative of the altercation that occurred on March 25, asserting that it was Jabbari who inflicted physical harm upon him.

Two separate police precincts, including the one that encompasses Majors’ residence in Chelsea, found reasonable grounds for Jabbari’s arrest based on Majors’ allegations. Consequently, an “I-Card” was issued, a digital directive for law enforcement to detain Jabbari. Nonetheless, for reasons undisclosed, Manhattan prosecutors displayed a reluctance to proceed against Jabbari. Under the District Attorney’s guidance, the I-Card was then deactivated.

Despite the existence of video footage and photos that appear to support Majors’ version of events, the District Attorney’s office has consistently refrained from investigating or charging Jabbari. Majors’ legal counsel maintains that Jabbari was the aggressor in the situation, a claim backed up by the actor’s detailed account of the incident.

According to Majors, who has key roles in “Creed III” and “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania”, Jabbari has a history of attacking him, though these episodes were never reported.

Majors’ lawyer, Chaudhry, suggests in a letter that evidence implies Jabbari injured herself several hours after their confrontation, falling alone in Majors’ penthouse after consuming alcohol and sleeping pills. Although the evidence provided to Insider does not depict how Jabbari sustained injuries or the full extent of the altercation, it appears to support Chaudhry’s claim that Jabbari’s ear and finger were unharmed in the hours following the dispute.

Chaudhry also highlights in the letter that Jabbari stated “I don’t know” nineteen times when asked by first responders how she received her injuries, referencing police body camera footage obtained from the penthouse. The footage, according to the letter, allegedly shows the lead officer prompting Jabbari to accuse Majors of assault, leading to questions about potential racial bias in the arrest.

She said in the letter that the arrest was “racist” and showed the officers questioning among themselves how Majors — who they didn’t recognize as a famous actor — could afford to live in a luxe penthouse. Chaudhry also told Insider that all six of the responding officers were white.

“Even though Ms. Jabbari admitted to drinking to the point of throwing up, taking sleeping pills, and having no idea how she woke up in a closet with a cut on her head and injured finger, the police jumped to the conclusion that Mr. Majors (the young, tall, strong, rich Black man) must have ‘done this’ to Ms. Jabbari,” Chaudhry’s letter alleged, citing the NYPD footage.

Prosecutors charged Majors with six counts of assaulting and three counts of harassing Jabbari, a London-based movement coach who had worked alongside Majors on the set of this year’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

In his complaint, Majors also claimed that Jabbari incurred unauthorized charges on his credit card, and fled to London with his iPhone and other luxury items valued between $6,000 and $7,000.

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