Kevin Hart’s personal shopper charged with using his credit cards to make $1 million worth of unauthorized purchases on himself

Bruh… Imagine hiring a personal shopper, and they use YOUR resources to buy a bunch of luxurious shit for him/herself. Well that’s just what happened to Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart’s personal shopper has been accused of spending more than $1 million on his credit card. Celebrity personal shopper, Dylan Jason Syer, has been charged with using Hart’s bank details to buy luxury items like fine art and expensive jewelry.

Syer appeared at Queens Supreme Court in New York on Wednesday on 10 charges including larceny, identity theft and scheming to defraud. My man allegedly laundered more than $1 million from K. Hart’s account between October 2017 and February 2019, before gettin greedy and spending cash on himself.

Syer started working for Lil Dude in 2015 when he was hired to buy several items for him through his personal shopping business, Sire Consulting. After that, Syer kept Hart’s credit card numbers under the understanding that he would only make authorized purchases.

According to federal prosecutors, Syer went on to make more than $1 million worth of unauthorized charges on those credit cards over the course of 19 months. An investigation revealed that this dude used his business’ credit card processing account to make unauthorized charges on Kev’s credit card. Once those credit card charges were processed by Syer’s bank, the proceeds went into Syer’s checking account.

Syer charged about $923,000 on Hart’s credit cards, combined with $240,000 worth of jewelry purchased from a jeweler in California. Mofo also purchased thousands of dollars of fine art and other collectibles such as; at least five Patek Phillipe watches valued at more than $400,000. Among the art and collectible purchases was a Sam Friedman painting, at least 16 Bearbrick collectible dolls, five KAWS collectible dolls, and two Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere bags.

Syer is charged with grand larceny in the first and second degree, criminal possession of stolen property in the first and second degree, identity theft in the first degree and scheme to defraud in the first degree.

When Syer was arrested on Wednesday, investigators searched his crib and found around $250,000 worth of cash and goods.

Syer is scheduled to return to court on February 17 and if convicted, could face up to 25 years in prison.

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