Is ‘Kinfolk Kollective’ a whole fraud? You be the judge…

Kinfolk Kollective Facebook Profile Picture

If you’re an avid social media user who tends to find themselves embedded in Black internet culture, then you probably have come across “Kinfolk-Kollective” (we’ll refer to them as KK for this piece) a popular social media user who has built an online reputation centered on unapologetic Blackness and who has developed quite a large following because of it.

Recently, KK began a Go Fund Me requesting reparation payments from the general public (mostly white folk) so she can pay off her mortgage. However, per the information contained in the attached exposé, ,KK may not have a mortgage at all. In fact, content included in the document attached to this article indicate the person behind the Kinfolk Kollective online persona may be involved in fraud. We can’t confirm it, but it is alleged in the attached document.

Now, we must point out that KK has performed some notable charitable deeds for members of the Black community, however, despite the deeds this person has performed, she’s also been observed on many occasions to interact harshly with anyone who simply disagrees her on her social media platforms. And while we agree these internet streets are filled many a common troll who should all be dealt with as one sees fit, many of the individuals KK engages in disputes with are other “kinfolk” who she criticizes for traits that have nothing to do with the topic of the actual dispute (gender, skin tone, phenotype, physical features, weight, size, etc.) but traits that she seemingly dislikes.

On one occasion, KK publicly suggested women perform sex work for money instead of requesting her financial assistance, solely on the strength that these women indicated they liked Cardi B. and Megan the Stallion’s song “Wap”. The aforementioned and other incidents is what seems to have led to the creation of a recent exposé that was initially published on Medium by a user named Veritastodas.

The original article has been since taken down from Medium, however, we’ve obtained a .pdf copy of the original article and have received permission from the author to republish here.

At Black Is The Standard, our goal is to uplift and empower the Black community. We never want to tear any of our community members down. However, after reviewing the information provided in the following document, we do believe it is our responsibility to share this information with our readers and allow you to form your own opinion as to the content.

So, without further ado…

You can also view and download a copy of the original article in .pdf form below with the embedded links.

So, what do you think? Feel free to comment with your thoughts below.

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