Dr. Dre Might Have To Pay

Today is the day Dr Dre has to reveal how much money he makes, exactly how much he spends or he has to fork over a $100,000 fine.

Today is the day Dr. Dre has to reveal how much money he makes, exactly how much he spends or he has to fork over a $100,000 fine.

The court ordered him on the day before Thanksgiving to share full details of his finances with ex wife Nicole Young by the end of the week or face sanctions in the shape of a large fine. The amended minute order says that he has to reveal where his money comes from, including any property sales, rents and royalties.

He also has to explain exactly what he’s spending his money on. Nicole is demanding bank and credit card statements as well as details of any mortgage payments and properties, not to mention all the money he spends on his alleged side chics.

Nicole has previously claimed in court papers that Dre’s spending habits also include cash spent on mistresses who live in homes paid for by him.

She revealed the side chics at the end of October when she attempted to have her legal team subpoena three of them to testify against Dre. The alleged mistresses, who are singer Jillian Speer, former model Kili Anderson and ‘Queen of Latin hip hop’ Crystal Sierra, are all fighting to stay out of court.

Nicole has previously referred to Dre’s “rampant and repeated marital misconduct” in earlier court filings without naming names. 

Young also wants to know how much Dre spends on his daily needs, including how much he spends on food, clothes, cleaning and even laundry.

Dre and Nicole have been battling it out over their estimated billion dollar fortune since June 2020.

The war has gotten heated in recent weeks, with the prenuptial agreement proving a particular bone of contention. Dre’s legal team have repeatedly insisted that he has an ‘iron-clad’ prenup that gives him everything. Nicole’s team says he doesn’t and wants him to provide a notarized copy. 

Early last month, Young was accused of embezzling $385,029 from a company account and reported to the LAPD by Dre’s friend and business partner Larry Chatman.

Young said in the papers that Dre ‘has pursued one goal: to perpetuate his abusive coercive control over Nicole, trying to beat her into submission so that she surrenders to an unfair and uninformed resolution of this case.

She hit back a week later in a court filing which accused Dre of using the media to smear her and claimed he had exerted abusive coercive control over her during their marriage.

‘Andre’s conduct to date has been entirely consistent with an intentionally uncooperative and bullying litigant, seeking to overpower what he perceives to be a weaker ‘opponent’ – in other words, treating Nicole just the same way he did during their marriage.’

The documents add: ‘That narrative is, predictably if lamentably, one of the oldest, most well-worn, misogynistic, and sexist tropes in the book…..the false claim that Nicole, his wife of more than 24 years and the mother of their three children, was only married to him for his money.

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