BREAKING: Disturbing details emerge from sexual misconduct allegations against Tip and Tiny Harris

disturbing details emerge from sexual misconduct allegations against ti and tiny harris

UPDATE: May 18, 2021

The Los Angeles Police Department has opened an official investigation into the allegations of abuse made against T.I. and Tiny Harris. We will update this article with information as it becomes available.

Originally reported March 2, 2021

On March 1, 2021, Tyrone A. Blackburn, an attorney at T.A. Blackburn Law announced during a press conference that he is representing 11 individuals (10 women and 1 man), many who are claiming they are victims of sexual misconduct by Clifford “Tip/Ti” and Tameka “Tiny” Harris. One complainant alleges rape from a member of the couple’s staff. The legal documents were filed in California because according to Blackburn, one of the incidents took place in California.

DEADLINE obtained documentation filed with the California Office of the Attorney General on February 16, 2021 that provides disturbing details regarding some of his clients’ claims. One claim in particular is from a woman who alleges she was only 17 when she was drugged and raped vaginally and anally while unconscious by Mr. Harris.

In summary, the complainant, listed only as Jane Doe 1, alleges in the complaint that she was a senior at Tri City High School when she began interning at the Harris’ recording studio during the Summer of 2006. She claims the incident took place on a tour bus headed back to Atlanta when Tiny offered her and another high school intern a drink. She claims it was her first time drinking an alcoholic beverage.

Afterward, Jane Doe 1 began to feel sick, and claims Tiny offered her two pills to take to ease her upset stomach. Jane Doe 1 claims she subsequently began to feel hot and sweaty within minutes, and began to hallucinate soon after. According to Jane Doe 1, everyone on the bus began laughing at her, and then Tiny told her to go to the back of the bus where the bedroom was located. Tiny then urged Jane Doe 1 to undress so she could cool off. Jane Doe 1 claims she removed her top and subsequently vomited.

Jane Doe 1 continues that around the same time, Ti came to the back of the bus and sat next to her. He complimented her on her complexion and told her she was very pretty. Tiny then allegedly urged her to keep drinking, telling her it was the only way for her to “sober up”.

Jane Doe 1 claims she passed out shortly after, because she woke the next day in the bed naked with the other high school intern and another young girl. She claims she was bleeding from her vagina, and initially thought she was menstruating until she realized her virginity had been taken. She also felt discomfort in her anus.

After arriving in Atlanta, Jane Doe 1 claims that Tiny warned her to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to go far in the music business and had her security guard bring her home, but not before stopping to get her the morning after pill. Jane Doe 1 claims later that night, she defecated on herself, and then again at school the next day. A family member took her to the hospital where it was determined she had lost control of her bowels due to the anal trauma she endured during the alleged sexual assault.

In January, Sabrina Peterson, a former acquaintance of the couples, made startling allegations of the Harris’ involvement in sexual misconduct as well as a claim that Tip held a gun to her head. The Harris’ released a statement in January denying those claims.

The document filed with the California Office of the Attorney General on February 16th details several other claims of sexual misconduct by the Harris’. At the time of publishing, the California Attorney General’s office has yet to release a statement in regard to Attorney Blackburn’s request for an investigation. We will update you with more details as they become available.

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