Atlanta Rapper ‘Trouble’ Admits He Would Let Drake Smash His Wife For A Feature.

Earlier this week, Lil Duval posted a question on Twitter with a poll: “Would you let drake f*** your wife for a feature?” The top choice was “No can do,” but plenty of responses were logged for the option of letting him “run thru her.”

Trouble responded in the comments saying, “Why not.” He elaborated on his answer saying, “They gon fuck em for free anyway if he slide into her DM. Yall soft ass n*g*as don’t reply to me eitha. You’ll neva undastand ah street n*g*a mental #OnLord.”

After getting roasted into oblivion all across social media, the Atlanta rapper cleared the air.

“In the real world, any snack, any female, lady, whatever you wanna call it, I don’t never dealt with that, any n*g*a in the street will tell you you can’t even look at my female brazy. You know you gone get fucked up. … When I said that shit, I don’t even got no wife. I’m talking about a little snack you just be fuckin around on or something. You don’t think I’m finna let her bussdown on Drizzy for a verse? When I’mma make millions off that verse?”

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