A Louisiana pastor caught getting freaky in the sanctuary

A NOLA area priest was caught on a late night creep with two women at the altar, and ended up in handcuffs (not the fun kind)…
Pastor caught having sex in church
Rev. Travis Clark | Nola.com

A NOLA area priest was caught on a late night creep with two women at the altar, and ended up in handcuffs (not the fun kind)…

Imagine looking into your local church’s windows one night and seeing two women bussin it open for the pastor at the altar. Well, that is exactly what happened to one passerby on the night of September 29, 2020.

In most cases, people go to the altar to be blessed. But one passerby caught the pastor of a local Catholic church getting blessings of a different kind when they peered through the windows. 

Wondering why the lights of Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River, Louisiana, were still on so late at night, one passerby decided to take a look and see. It was then that they saw something that they weren’t quite expecting–the parish’s half-naked pastor having an entanglement with two women. 

Apparently, the passerby could not let the pastor’s “sinful” acts go unpunished, so, they captured video footage of the ‘unholy” events that were taking place and then proceeded to call the police.

According to Nola.com, “The women were dressed in corsets and high-heeled boots. There were sex toys and stage lighting. And a mobile phone as well as a separate camera were mounted on tripods, recording it all.”

After the police officers arrived, they viewed the video then proceeded to arrest the Reverend Travis Clark on obscenity charges. The Rev. had only been a pastor of Saints Peter and Paul since 2019. The Archdiocese announced the arrest but would not provide any further details , nor would the police.

It gets spicier though. According to newly emerged details, it appears that one of the women involved in the desecration of the “holy altar” was Mindy Dixon, an adult film actor who also works for hire as a dominatrix. She even alluded to the encounter on a social media post where she wrote that she one her way to the New Orleans area to meet another dominatrix and “defile a house of God”.

Mindy Dixon | Nola.com

Both Dixon and Melissa Cheng (the other woman involved in the entanglement) were booked with the same charge as Clark. According to the police, the charge stems from “obscene acts [that] occurred on the altar, which is clearly visible from the street.” 

Melissa Chang | Nola.com

Clark was also a Chaplain at Pope John Paul II High School in Slidell, in addition to his duties at Saints Peter and Paul, where he succeeded another chaplain who had resigned after being caught sending inappropriate messages to a student.

The Archdiocese announced that they’d suspended Clark a day after his arrest. No further comment from the Archdiocese has been given at this time.

All we can say is whew chile…the ghetto!

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