5 Kinds of Orgasms You Can Learn to Master Right Now

Did you know there’s 5 ways you can orgasm? If not, then this is definitely a must read!
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Most people know about clitoral and vaginal orgasms, but did you know there are three more to be had? In fact, some have experienced more than one at the same time!

When it comes to mastering orgasms, practice literally makes perfect. For those of us with a clitoris and vagina, it can be difficult to get out of our heads and allow our bodies to relax enough for an orgasm to take place. However, it’s a proven fact that developing an intimate relationship with yourself first is a major factor in how responsive you are to sexual stimuli, and the more you learn what pleases you, the more you can direct your partner (or your fingers and other thangs) toward helping you climax.

So, if you’ve found that the “Big O” has escaped you on far too many occasions, you may want to get to know YOURSELF a little better. But whether you’re a pro with the O’s or not, you might not be aware that orgasms can be had in an array of ways… five to be exact. So without further ado, here are 5 ways you can orgasm that you may or may not have been aware of.

1. Vaginal

While vaginal orgasms are the ones most aim for, for many, it’s the most challenging to have. In fact, one study revealed only 50% of women were able to vaginally orgasm during intercourse. However, for those of us who have experienced them, vaginal orgasms have been described as “soul-shaking”, one that is felt throughout the entire body and affects the mind as well. The key to having a vaginal orgasm is stimulating the g-spot, the place where a treasure trove of pleasure seemingly exists if it can be found, and the code is properly cracked. But when it’s found, and when the code is cracked, many women explain the feeling as explosive–for them and their partner. In fact, vaginal orgasms can also be physically felt by another person while penetrating the vagina, because, during a vaginal orgasm, the vaginal walls physically pulse or vibrate. So basically, your legs ain’t gonna be the only thing shaking.

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If you’re new to the whole orgasm thing, clitoral orgasms are probably the easiest kind of orgasm to achieve. The best way to explain the feeling you get from a clitoral orgasm is a tingly, electric feeling that spreads across your skin. Your body may convulse depending on how sensitive that area is, but it typically doesn’t last as long as a vaginal orgasm. For many, after a clitoral orgasm, the clitoris becomes super sensitive and you may need to leave it alone a bit before going in for another round. In fact, your whole body may become sensitive, and you may not want ANY kind of stimulation right afterward until you catch a few breaths. Fortunately, for those of us who have one, the clitoris’ sole purpose is pleasure, so, therefore, it doesn’t take much to get it going.

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So, anal orgasms are more likely to occur in people who have prostates, however, the prostate doesn’t always have to be stimulated for an anal orgasm to occur. If a person without a prostate does have an orgasm from anal sex, it’s likely a combination orgasm (that’s up next). Anal orgasms have been described as beginning with a strong sensation almost like you have to pee, followed by contractions in your anal sphincter. There isn’t much more to say about this one except to make sure you lube up. Otherwise, some very bad things can occur—and don’t nibody got time for all that.

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When we’re talking combination, we ain’t talking about the menu at your local Chinese restaurant. Combination orgasms are on another level of orgasm entirely. It’s almost like you’re cumming and going–at the same damn time! Where do you go? I don’t know. But, if you’re blessed to have these regularly, then I don’t really need to explain much to you. For those who are trying to reach this level of sexual mastering, a combination orgasm typically consists of a vaginal and clitoral orgasm simultaneously! If you’ve had one of these, then you probably know, this the one! The best way to explain it is “explosive”. Thassit. In fact, this kind of orgasm is not for the faint of heart, because once it happens, Chiiiile….

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5. Erogenous

This is probably my personal fave. For many, erogenous orgasms are much more intimate, require must more attentiveness, and is perfect for couples who are down to explore, or just plain ole solo play. An erogenous orgasm requires knowing what parts of your body can be stimulated aside from the typical. So, nipples, neck, ear, back…all of these body parts when stimulated by either yourself or a partner can induce an orgasm when done properly. In many cases, this requires a certain amount of patience and concentration, but, when done right, it can be just as fulfilling as any other orgasm.

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Okay, so I know I said there were 5 kinds….but I kinda lied. Depending on what you’re into on a spiritual level, orgasms can be achieved for some people with limited or no physical touch at all. Yeah, we’re getting into some metaphysical stuff here, and I’ll probably write a whole article on this one day, but if you’ve experienced it, then you know this kind of orgasm or better yet, energy exchange, is one that’s felt on a level beyond the physical. It requires a certain amount of connection with another person that doesn’t happen with just anyone. Just imagine, hooking up mentally with another person and both of y’all experiencing pleasure in a way that is usually limited to physical interaction, but far surpasses it. It’s more of an energetic experience and one that some people may never indulge in. Some cultures incorporate this into special rituals (tantra) but, whatever you call it, if you’re able to experience this kind of energy exchange, your quarantine could get a little more exciting. IJS

So what about you? Are orgasms a regular thing for you, or nah? Let us know in the comments,

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