3 arrested for burglary of $3M worth of cash & jewelry from 50 Cent’s apartment

Arrests have been made in relation to a January break-in at one of 50 Cent’s business properties.
Joey Percy Newton

Three dudes have been arrested for breaking into one of FiF’s businesses and running off with over $3 million in cash and jewelry.

The burglary occurred in January, in a leased corporate apartment for one of  Curtis Jackson’s businesses and had been incorrectly reported by other media outlets in the past as a home invasion.

According to a report from the Bergen County, New Jersey prosecutor’s office, a stolen car led to the apprehension of the three suspects.

A resident of the building where the theft occurred reported the break-in back in January, shortly after the Cliffside Park PD recovered a stolen vehicle in that area.

After reviewing surveillance footage, police tied the car to the burglary. The suspects were taken into custody after a 5 month investigation.

Travis Villalobos, Richard Murphy, and Matthew Gale have been charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, receiving stolen property and criminal mischief.

At the time the suspects were in the apartment, police drove by but didn’t know the crooks were still inside. The whole thing was caught on surveillance cameras.

50 Cent’s attorney said his team is hopeful and optimistic that law enforcement will recover the $3 million in cash and jewelry as well.

Yeah ok… Keep hope alive..

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