2017 song ‘Look at the Coons’ is being streamed heavily thanks to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Daniel Cameron scrutiny after his handling of the Breonna Taylor case results in popularity for 2017 song ‘Look at the Coons’
Daniel Cameron scrutiny brings rise in popularity to 'look at the coons' song
Daniel Cameron via NY Post

Daniel Cameron, a Black Republican, devoted Trump supporter, and Kentucky’s Attorney General has recently been the subject of public scrutiny after not only taking his sweet time in the investigation into Breonna Taylor’s unwarranted death, but, also for indicting the police officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor on charges unrelated to her death.

Look at the Coons, a song performed by artist KenstraMentalz Keyz was initially uploaded to Soundcloud in 2017. However, in lieu of the public’s disdain for Cameron, and his failure to indict the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death for murder, the song has received renewed interest, and even a video make-over in response to its recent popularity. Some of the song’s most notable lyrics include Some of them include, “we live in a system of devils and white supremacy,” before the chorus which repeats, “look at the coons.” Check the video out below.

KenstraMentalz Keyz wrote on his SoundCloud page what he meant by the lyrics of the song: “The negro race traitors who go out of their way to regurgitate talking point of suspected racist man and racist woman should be acknowledged and excommunicated.”

The recent interest in both the song and the video has resulted in it being shared tens of thousands of times via Twitter after Louisville cop, Brett Hankinson, was arrested and indicted by a Grand Jury on three counts of wanton endangerment– to walls. There were no indictments rendered in relation to Breonna Taylor’s death. The song was also recently added to Apple Music.

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